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The Cornerstone of Anti-Aging Medicine

As women progress beyond the reproductive phase of their lives. Many syptoms, both physical and emotional start to occur. Beginning with peri-menopause women may notice irregular menses, mood swings, insomnia, hot flashes, night sweats, decreased libido, depression, headaches, weight gain, and numerous other symptoms.

HIH or NHRT is an emerging option for women which has actually been in use for well over 30 years. These hormones are "clones" of the bodies own hormones and are derived from soy or yam, but after processing, no trace of these substances remains, only the hormone itself. These substances are then "compounded" by a specialty pharmacy in various combinations to meet your specific deficits.


Our wellness center has developed as a result of my obstetrical and gynecology practice over the past 17 years. It evolved from caring for patients with multiple health problems. We offer a wealth of services to women and men to improve their quality of life.

At our weight loss clinic we offer more than one method of weight loss. The basic weight loss program starts with a one hour lecture to provide the tools you need for selecting healthier foods and to help you begin your journey to healthier living.

The HCG program shows you how you can safely lose large amounts of weight very quickly on a very low calorie diet. This program is for the extremely motivated person that needs to lose a significant amount of weight.

Your success depends upon how well you follow the plan you will be provided with. Under the care of Dr. Caputo patients will receive the most current nutrition information available and a common sense approach to weight loss. "Water is key", says one patient participating in the weight loss program. Patients are also encouraged to incorporate a form of excercise in their plan. 

Dr. Caputo's Amino Burn is available through this program along with Vitamin B6 & B12 shots to enhance your weight loss journey.

All patients are given an evaluation prior to starting the plan to determine if there are any specific health limitations. 

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Live a happier, healthier, you.


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